Here I’m, writing in English

This is a kind of introduction and justification as for why am I writing this blog in English.

For those who doesn’t know me, I have to say I’m a native Spanish speaker (You’ll find more in the about jachguate section), and I’m writing here although I’m pretty sure my English is far from perfect, but from time to time I feel the need to reach a broader audience with my code, examples and opinions, and this just couldn’t happen in my native tongue.

I already have a blog in Spanish, named El blog de jachguate. If you read Spanish, I recommend it to you. If you don’t, don’t be shy and take a look at the code and if you got interested on a topic paste the url in Google translator to get a English version of my previous posts.

I’m a bit confident about writing in English since my StackOverflow answers usually get positive feedback and people seems to understand what I want to say. Fortunately I write on technical things, so I look better than if you speak with me about anything else on the street. I’m very open, so feel free to send me corrections and improvements on anything you see it’s wrong in the site.

From now, some of the posts I publish in Spanish will get also into the English Blog, but my goal is not to translate all the content. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something new from time to time here.

Your comments are welcome.


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